I built, a web app that allows you to send handwritten images generated by the api, via text message using twilio. The technologies used in this project include Servant for the backend, and AngularJS and Materialize for the frontend. Additionally the website is deployed on an Amazon EC2 instance. The source code can be found here


I created the NJDOT Fuel UP API for Jay Ravaliya’s Fuel Up iOS app. His app was built to help NJDOT employees find important locations in New Jersey. Technologies used include Servant, sqlite3, and Amazon EC2 for hosting.

Rubik’s Hacks - October 2015

I built Rubik’s Hacks along with Jay Ravaliya. Rubik’s Hacks is an iOS app that can solve a Rubik’s cube. I built te brute force solver using Haskell and jay tackled the image recognition side of things using swift. The end result was an iOS app that could use image recognition to analyze a cube through pictures, and a haskell API that could receive this information and return a solution on how to solve the cube. Technologies used include the Haskell web framework “Scotty”, and iOS.

MyoDrums - July 2015

I built MyoDrums (Winner of the Best Myoband Hack) along with Jay Ravaliya, and Malcolm Jones, Brandon Max. MyoDrums is a virtual drumset created using a MyoBand as the right drumstick and an iPhone as the left drumstick. Linking the movements with sounds over websockets, we could effectively drum with anyone around the world at the same time. Technologies used include Rails, websockets, iOS, a MyoBand, and iOS’s coremotion API. You can watch highlights from the event below:

Shelf - May 2015

I built Shelf, a social iOS app for a pre-launch startup. Shelf focuses on connecting people to other people nearby based on structured interests. Shelf enables you to find matches based on your specific interests and chat with people you request. You can check out the link by clicking on the Shelf logo below:


SentiMatch - June 2015

I build SentiMatch along with Anas Bouzoubaa, Jay Ravaliya, and Pranav Dhar. SentiMatch is a location based app that matches you with someone who is in the same venue you are at and matches your personality the closest. Technologies used include iOS, TwitterKit, Foursquare Venue API, Watson Personality Insights, and Rails for the backend.

Pingr - Sept. 2014

Pingr is an app I created that easily enables you to share your location with friends. You simply create a group, invite friends to it and start pinging away. Click the image below to view the website.


Some use cases include keeping track of friends at a crowded concert, or tracking your significant other’s every move “why didn’t you ping me today? What are you hiding from me?”. Technologies used in this project include iOS, Parse’s REST API, and Twitter Digits.

Crowsnest - May 2014

I cofounded a startup along with Eric de la Haba and James Collier for an iOS app that lets you spread content to people near you in much the same way that a virus spreads. Technologies used in this project include iOS, Amazon Dynamo DB, and the Twilio API.

Mews - Fall 2014

I built Mews along with Bikesh Dahal, a fellow classmate at Columbia University at the time. Mews uses sentiment analysis to rate your news in terms of “happiness”. That way, you never read anymore news that could potentially sadden you. Technologies in this project include Flask, SentiWordNet, and the “USA Today” API.